Friday, March 20, 2009

N 4 D & 4 Me

Changing a road in its middle may seem wasting of time & effort but still better than waiting to regret at the end of that road

Freedom is in only in one direction ,it Must be gained & cant be given

"Blood Blood" will be the title of the coming era instead of "Eslameyya Eslameyya"

I'm confused because I can't understand women, but satisfied that women can't understand me too :D

lack of imagination is a very harmfull desease caused by stupid education ,KAPT & is causing Live/Death (Zombie) cases

I know U dont love me & U know I love U ,,, I dnt know Y U r playing games on me !! ,& U dont know that (love or no love) my dignity comes first ,, cotinue playing games & U will lose my love without even knowing it

reading is one of my curses & blesses alike, u read u know wt others dnt knw &(Ignorance is a bless ,if taken away cnt come back again)
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