Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Lucky Loser

I'm the luckiest loser u'll ever meet , f u ever meet a Lucky Loser ,,, let me explain 2 u ... the lucky loser is the natural born loser who is lucky enough not 2 pay 4 his loss ..

He naturally loses all his battles - BUT - still lucky not to b known by these loses ,, he loses in the shade only ,,, He loses Gr8 battles but nobody knows abwt it ,,,,, whenever there is something important & he Must keep it he lose it easily ,,, even easier than his enemies would think or wish .... but nobody notices it is lost

he/I is/am lucky that he/me takes/mn gheer s all loses with a stupid smile ,,,, he loses every time he think himself is in LUV ,,,,,,, but great luck he always find a new illusion of Luv 2 run 4 & 2 4get - 4 sum while - the suffer of the lost luv

he always loses valuable things in life like Passion & Dignity ,, even Money ,,, BUT far LUCKY than u can think ,,, other people are there 2 help him 2 4get ( even by taking another valuable thing 4m him so he 4get the 1st one ) & 2 compensate ,,

Loser by the heart doing every single shit losers do like cryingn tears instead f reacting ,, but the best part NoBody knows He is a LOSER , actually , he may b the Lord of Losers club but better than those who are not lucky enough 2 hide there loses
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