Monday, August 11, 2008


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ths note is not allowed 2 b read or commented by under-age teenagers or under-veil minds

release urself & close the page i'm not 3azazeel the devil speaking here

i'm just lonely-half horny man writing his passing thoughts
while sleeping naked on his 8 years old bed ,just recording an imaginary idea about making love ,creating orgasmic crazy moments out of soft touches over soft skin

how come we r afraid of love tht much? who planted that n our minds against the well of our hearts & the thirsty pain n our bodies

how come i cann't kiss or touch when i feel i need it badly

why i do have 2 spend nights & days alone masturbating waiting 4 being sold like a slave?

is it reasonable that u &me never felt the heart beat of each other b4?

is it a life where i cry of sadness &cant have a hug 2 contain me?

not only how can i & u- bt also why should i & u - stay so far 4m the person we belong to?

love is a big lie when we talk about it instead of tasting it

i'm not talking about angelic romantic god damn love here

i'm talking about real tasting each other by tounge, real smelling each other 4m almost inside ,,, no "magaaz" here

scratching,touching,kissing,tasting,hugging it's all forbidden till grave

b easy on me ,i'm just greafing over my grave-8 years old-bed
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