Friday, August 22, 2008

My Dream Trip

i wanna go 2 a long trip around the world

i wanna taste every detail about dif. cultures of the world

wanna visit my friend M.Fo2ad at saudi arabia & smell the sand &desert , and 2 see the great No-Females society :p

wanna visit my causin Kareem @ Austria & meet his friends there ,u know i really miss u my friend

wanna see Italy ,France,Germany,Denmark (i miss Ulla,Jussi & Jonas ) Russia,Canada

i wanna ride a bike in Jaban & a right sided car n the English campaign

i wish 2 visit z old castles of Scotland &Romania ,, the pyramids of Mexico

wanna visit Disney land n USA
i hope 2 meet Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman ,Densil Washington & Nickolas Cage and i'll tell them 'hey guys , i love u all, u r doing a gr8 job'

i wish 2 eat chinese food n China & 2 sleep a night on the shores of Nice watching the stars & the sea

i wanna smell the jungle n middle Africa &go hunt

i wanna c the Nasa labs & the turkish great mosques &the temples all over Indea & Greece

i wanna visit & live n every country n the world & 2 listen 2 its music & 2 eat its food & 2 have a love story n each place i go

n brief ,,,i wanna feel i'm alive,,,but i cant :(

it would be easier f i'm returned 2 childhood once again 2 read about Mickey&Donald adventures all around the place& time
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