Monday, August 11, 2008

my after work RAP"E" song

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i feel tired
i feel lonely
i dnt wanna b fired
but i still feel bored
i feel aroused but not that much 'horny'
i'm nt married bt i wanna have s*x
bt it's nt allowed ,di 7aga zy l zft
i'm so sad not happy or glad not that bad but i'm not angel or hero or child or farfero
i wanna b human not monkey or donkey 3adli or 7osni

so sweet ,,, lets commit suicide w elbeet ytmli 6wee9

y i'm so crazy? its just another dead day leaving me lonely wth the ghosts
sweet foggy funny ghosts fill the space ,ghosts wth smell

smells like water

i smile cuz nothing else is nice or suitable 2 do
i'm lost m3a eni msh b7b tmselyt lost
scream 2 make the whole world hear u,but the whole world seems 2b deaf or dead or may b u scream only inside ur chest

love can not b choosen it comes always un invited & un expected
its only an illusion ,myth
love is so limited & timed & love nvr live 4ever

dnt believe u loved me, u just created 'me' n ur mind

aaaaAAAHHHHHhhh i'm too tired
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