Thursday, September 11, 2008

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i have a hole in my heart
i cnt find a way out
i feel i'm too far away from Allah who i do love the most
i miss alot of things i used 2do when i was younger
i miss reading Quraan & cry in warm tears
i miss feeling happy
i miss reading stories
i miss falling n pure love with no hope or future
i miss going 2 school
i miss playing war games
i miss drawing my teachers n school
i miss taking the metro 2 my college & studying machines for the exam
i miss talking with friends without trying 2 tell them how great politicion,writer & thinker i'm
i miss feeling shy & aroused by little fem. stuff
i miss standing n line (Taboor l sabaa7)
i miss walking for hours n rain
i miss that feeling of impression when i first read el dostour np
i miss the dream of first kiss
i miss the fireworks of excitement (7amaas) when i went to el ghad & listned 2 ayman noor & wa2el nawara
i miss being normal & i cnt remember & don't understand when & why i lost all that!!!?

i miss every thing in life
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