Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not Death Yet

i'm sure i'll pass these pains, it is even not my worst feeling i go through

just little tiredness & exauhstance w 7yro7 l7alo

but i'm sure we all gonna die someday, right?

so just in case :

i want 2 apologize 4 every1 i hurted ,insulted or make her/him feel bad

will u all please forgive me? i know i've turned 2 new ugly character after prison

i know i was away 4m all my friends & it was so strange 4m me , specially when they expected more ,specially when their expectance was so large huge burden on my heart

i wanted u all 2 stay away 4m me, just didnt want u 2 c the new man i turned 2, wanted (but never succeeded) to save my old image n ur eyes & minds

my friends from facebook &politics forgive me for being so aggressive, just remember aggression always hide deep fear, fear about Egypt future,fear about my own steps n life , fear f any1 come close 2 me & see how i've become

i know i'll not die now(mayb soon but not now), i'll live 2 see the coming years & 2 use the new technologies invented by other nations

i'll live till God wants me 2 die

but i want to live while no1 is angry or sad because of me, i want 2 live where i'm not invisible or harmfull

i want 2 live in peace till i rest in peace too
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