Saturday, September 13, 2008


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someday i'll leave HERE 4ever
and will live in another place, in another culture with different people listening to different types of music

where i can love whoever i want without being afraid of the myth called society

i'll feel free then, i'll not have 2 explain myself everyday & will not have 2 prove my loyalty to the herd all the time

the weather will be better, the language will be tastier,
the girls will be smarter & more beautiful
the ideas will be more appretiated and the books will be cheaper,deeper & well made
the streets will be cleaner
the food& drinks will be healthier & more delicious too

i'll live n this other place where humans have some rights

i'll be able to do everything i cant do here
i'll work as a writer as i always wished
i'll be happy
i'll be amused

dream!? so what? dont i have the right 2 even dream?
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