Monday, September 29, 2008

sleepless in Cairo

I must sleep now so i can go 2 work fresh tomorrow, but it's not easy

my mind refuses to shut down like he should, he works like a giant bee nest

i'm thinking of a hell lot of things,

that feelings i had but i cant write about it here not to hurt those people i got it 4 them

i used for a long time to write freely what i feel & what i'm thinking about

most of the time this helped me to share my thoughts & feelings with others & to decrease the burden on my damn soul

now i feel like i'm watched, the people i want to talk about will read what i write here, they will not be happy when i say what is burning inside my heart & mind

so i tried to leave facebook, i'm trying real hard to sink in my work field ( which - simply - i dont love )

i'm thinking too about that drug dealer who called 'Zaghloul El Naggar' how he can fool the people that easily , how he can steal real scientests work & take it for his own advantage, how he tell a lie after a lie with no one to stand on his face

how people defend him & his kind of thiefs & stand against real scientests or thinkers

are we - as a nation - that stupid?

dont we know the simplest rules of scientific research?

cant we realize the famous word "EVEN THE DEVIL CAN USE THE HOLY BOOK FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES" !!?

we are using this person as a drug to lose our reason, our minds, to feel we are great, to fake a place between nations for ourselves

we r lying & he & other fakers like him are making it easy on us to sleep well while others spend nights working, thinking & researching for humanity progress

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