Saturday, August 26, 2006

end of love story

السبت,آب 26, 2006

I wanted 2 skip this part …

The part when she steps on my heart

I just wanted my life 2 b easy & my heart 2 rest at last

But every thing turned 2 b crazy & the dream vanished really fast

I felt anger or I felt pain? No… I felt the feeling of NOTHING again

As I always did b4, I laid down 2 cry … but this time I didn’t wish 2 die.

Its not hope its not despair it's just set, see & whisper

I didn’t want life or death but I didn’t know how 2 stop my breath

I will do nothing but stay & watch the play

Will my life go on? Or sadness will b upon?

Who cares any way? Not me, not in this day.
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