Friday, February 5, 2010

تضامنا مع ضحايا وائل عباس

Cables for Ahmed Maher Aglan
and Lollipops for Ashraf Maher Aglan

We want to express our deep concern about the broken cable of Egyptian Ahmed Maher Aglan.

Involved in this case:

Wael Abbas, owner of the “Misr Digital” blog
Ahmed Maher Aglan, Abbas’ neighbour.
Ashraf Maher Aglan, police officer, Ahmed Maher Aglan’s brother.
A cable.

Wael Abbas ( had granted Ahmed Maher Aglan access to his internet subscription via a cable.
A common practice in Egypt.
Abbas writes on his blog that on the morning of April 9, 2009, Aglan telephoned Abbas requesting that they check the internet because it was not working.
Abbas found that there was nothing wrong with internet and “went back to sleep.” Aglan telephoned him again and verbally abused him.
Abbas hang up.
Aglan and his police officer brother Ashraf Maher Aglan, arrived at Abbas’ home and physically assaulted him.
Abbas was left with a broken tooth. And with bruise.

The lawsuit was filed against Abbas by his neighbour Ahmed Maher Aglan and Ashraf Maher Aglan on charges of damaging his internet cable.

Wael Abbas was ruled in absentia in November 2009.
He has been sentenced six months in jail and LE 500 pounds as a lawsuit

This upsetting case has convinced us, to collect internet cables as much as possible for Ahmed Maher Aglan.
And Lollipops for Ashraf Maher Aglan because of all the unpleasant trouble.

If you also want to make Ahmed and Ashraf Maher Aglan happy again,
Please donate new internet cables and Lollipops.

We assure we’ll hand it to the Aglans.

Please send it to: / The Egyptian Democratic Institute
*The Kristin and Shahi – Show”
64, Abdel Salam Aref Street.

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