Thursday, May 21, 2009

Badawy Fi Thailand

1. half mega of internet access through mobile cost 30 le , so ana 7tfshkh by writing this note

2. I'm here (Chingmai) with two of the best liberal political creative Egyptian persons ( F U dnt knw who r thm already so U dnt hv 2 knw thm nw ) along with other activists frm 9 other nationalities throughout the bloody world

3. I'm enjoying Thai food , seeing a so different so far away culture , enjoying being with openminded strangers , & above all enjoying LEARNING politics by sharing experiences wth thm (whch is my main task here)

4. I wish f i buy every one of my friends a thai gift bt surely i cnt

5. I'm alone nw in my room & was remembering my whole past year , I was talking 2 myself , crying for the friends i lost , for the people I hurted , for the love stories that never survived

6. 11 hours flying & i got massage , I've lost my chance 2 travel 2 USA , my name was published in el youm el sabe3 newspaper , i'm positive of my real career nw

7. I've a natural desire for physical sexual relation bt as i always did , i satisfy ths by lot of imagination , this is ethical & keeping me safe from blacky events (like marriage)

8. i remember meeting Hamlet el masry 2 years ago in Farag Fouda memorial day before i became his friend nw , but i'm nt sure f that was him , setting at the last row & telling jokes & he made me laugh as he do nw & i told him then smthng he wd remember f ths guy is realy him

9. F my communist friends knw hw Cuba is ruled they wd kill themselves

10. I was writing a note about the differences & similarities btwn Election & erectIon ( entekhab & entesab ) , they both are natural processes , they both need good preparation , good atmosphere , good furitile reciever to produce a new life
.. but i decided not to write this note because they may pan my page for being pornographic
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