Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 2D Simpsons

1 of the best features of the Simpsons family that they never grow up!

Lisa - the middle daughter - was born in 1984 , the same year as me , she wd be 25 by now

BUT she is still a little kid , her mistakes will remain kid's mistakes for ever , & for ever she will have the chance to explore the world from a wondering kid's eye , she didn't had to choose her career yet , never fall in love & stuck into a relationship & never had a teenager broken heart

her parents Hoomer & Marg are both still young enjoying life, they are not getting old like my own parents , they are their for her for ever,

her house & neighborhood will always be the same

Part will never leave 2 another independent life , he is younger than that & will always be the same , his friends & school are constant forever

maybe that's y I love them that much (beside being funny) , she got the option I cnt have , being a harmless cartoon character forever - we are all cartoon characters for another type of writers but we are just growing old ,we are from the 4D world & I dnt know which is worse yet
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