Monday, June 15, 2009

this will b deleted tomorrow

my feeling right now is so bad , i need love , i need a physical connection - not sex - sex is not a bad thing to do at night , but its not what i need in this moment , i need tenderness , a soft worm hand holding my shaking hands of sickness 2 make me sleep tight & smiling , a hug , a real big hug of careness , tears are dead n my eyes 4m a long time , waiting 4 such a moment to come out , i need to feel a heart , kind beautiful one , & 2 listen 2 its beat , how can only 1 heart survive n ths life ? , i wish i have a wife 2 love her & 2 feel her love 2 me , but i know i'll be better by morning , i knw its nt my 1st or last night i'll spend alone , i knw i mostly wll die soon & its just scaring me 2 death 2 die alone , its just a feeling that is killing me every single night
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