Monday, June 1, 2009

something about me

1. long time passed since i used the note to write about myself , mayb 3 days wla 7aga :p

2.many many things are n my mind & the Goddamn mobile aint helpng me writing smoothly & my pc crashed suddenly

3. i dunno f ths is luv or nt, bt i thnk of her much, i rmmbr her eye sparkling alot, she is so smart & ths is the most thng i love n a woman , bt also she is so manipulative & i knw it :)

4. many people love me , respect me , appretiate everything i do ,, that wt is keeping me smiling & strong ,,, i didnt bother much to lose old friends 4 certain reasons , but nw i'm gaining enemies , which is very strange 4 me , i was always polite & loving all , i never entered a fight 4 myself & the most imp. i dnt wnt any position in any organization

5.i knw i hv big mistakes & complicated opinions , bt i knw i'm a wise man who can give love for all , u can always learn smthng 4m me bt try to avoid showing me u r teaching me cuz i'm so m3'rour nowadays :(

6. i've seen situations where everyone is guilty & everyone is a victim & everyone comes out losing ,, all of my life i'm avoiding being n such a trap

7. i love coming up with new phrases of wisdom & hope them 2 b published & known by many ,, this give me my own (false prophet) shape i love the best
-politics are SHIT , we all hate shit , but can any of us live without shitting ?
-f the system rise higher than the human , the system fails & so does the human

8. t3agabt gdn mn tbeib nfsi yo3alg nafsyn 3lag mkthf w y3ayer el akharen b 2anahm marda!!

9. now after starting 2 become famous i need her 2 be beside me ,2 be my shelter & advisor , bt i knw i'm failing 2 deserve her more & more

10. its nt the problem that i'm telling people we can & we will fix Egypt , its that I DO BELIEVE IT :'(

11. I'm very excited about the new project & afraid of making a damage because of that excitement (EL MOSTASHAR EL KHOUDAIRY , GEORGE ISHAQ , EL MOSTASHAR YAHYA EL GAMAL , SKIENG FOUAD , DR.SAMIR 3LEISH ) its turning to b a powerfull step forward & I must b a part of it

12. its very strange how a person who consider God is an illusion & spend all his life time fighting an illusion

13. Atheism & liberalism is turning 2 b the gate for the modern faschism!! ,, sad but true

14.i'm nt strong , just my friends love &respect strengthen me

15. everyday i just think , Do I belong here ? , & the answer is No ,, but i got change here 2 belong 2 me

o23odo bl3afi (k)
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