Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love Positions

If u want someone who doesn't care I will not care ، but when you want me then I still won't care

I'll Love U only if U Love me back : sad, pathetic but good for your prestige, Love for Love relation

I'll Love U when U Love me - good enough, will give Love for Love

I may Love U when U Love me - no commitments , great for prestige, all options available, uncertain Love for Love

I'll Love u even if u dont love me - pathetic , stupid , not even romantic, giving Love for uncertain anything

I'll Love U only if U don't love me, go to shrink , Love for pain relation

I'll Love U no matter what U feel toward me , romantic but risky , beautiful but not efficient , better not , Love for peace

Love me Not . Love U not . Friends or Friends with benifet . Not a bad deal. Sometimes not bad at all
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