Saturday, January 31, 2009

now & then

once i was attending a seminar ,, i said a briliant note ,, i felt sad nobody noticed it but me ,, now i dnt care :D

once i told a girl i cared for here ,, the truth i loved here like hell ,, she didnt care much ,, i was killed by sorrow ,,, now i dont care to talk about love again ,, who wants to love me i'm available ,, deeds talk w el 7ede2 yfham :D

zaman i used to be so angry when i cannt explain my point of view ,,, now ,, I dont care to have a point of view about everything ,, & if i have one ,, i have no need at all to explain it to anybody

once i was about to b killed for my political party & i was proud of it ,, now i dont have a political status

once i had this idea of changing the world ,, then i thought of changing my society instead ,, then i thought of changing myself better... now i enjoy being myself as me
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