Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About Me (110th time)

Ahmad is sleeping alone @ the dark thinking,dreaming, laughing & crying ,, welcome 2 my insane mud mind.


I'm good @ writing , thinking , walking , kissing & losing friends

I'm bad @ talking , joking , fighting , dressing , expressing

I love reading , fruits(bananas) , massage , music(na3'am masry) , watching P.debates

I hate football , noise , socializing , idiologists , mean girls , stupid people

I'm nt weak bt sensitive,
I'm nt mean bt selfish,
I'm nt crazy bt i've my own artistic touch

i'm nt bad bt i act badly some times

Every one told me how great & important i'm , then i wake up smiling

Every one told me how stupid & ugly i'm , then i went 2 bed crying

Every one seems to b taking care of me & supporting my steps n life , then i asked every one out & proposed every one marriage

Oh!,, "every one" was a very cute girl

king of nonsense


Now if those were your words, they are brilliant!



they r all my words & i loved how u collected them like thaaat :D


Yes it's very amusing especially the last part.

If u intend to publish it as a note plz dnt mention my name :)

I hope u r better today.

Vieled Love - love is Blind
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