Saturday, February 14, 2009

another useless wise notes

Love & Faith are alike ,, they r both beautiful & they r both blind

I cann't learn without paying a painful price ,, I'm stupid ,, what about u?

Losing ur mind for sometimes may b the only way to keep it for the rest of the time

what do I want 4m life? what do u want 4m life? what is the meaning of life?

number of accidents(Sodaf) in my life, how people appear & disappear , how things done ,,, make me sure day after day it's all a dream, it's all an illusion, it's all a nightmare - Vanilla Sky

HOW CAN A MAN MARRY A WOMAN IF THEY HAVE TOTALLY DIFFERENT OPINIONS & LIFE STYLES ? it's so destructive & unhealthy (I'm not gonna get married then) :(

my life is periority free - my life is futureless - my life is unhealthy life ,,, so what ? it's MY LIFE not yours after all
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