Friday, February 20, 2009

moi (for me only)

This is a brief of my current condition just before i reach 25 , I used to write such a notes for myself to read thim in the future (if I had the chance &if I had a future)!
My Body these days is suffering different types of physical pain & is tired

my eyes & ears are getting weaker by time, my ability to strugle is almost gone & I got nervous easily

I'm still capable of walking for long distances ,I still smiling & laughing as usuall

I can live with it, actually I've no other options :D

My Soul is not working well as I'm losing alot of faith & my relation to God is going into darkened fog ,even Qur'an is not effictive on me as it used to be,

My Mind is restless & is turning to be completely random, I dnt think a possibilty of complete madness is that far

but I grew wiser &resourcefull more than 1 year ago

My Heart is broken & I lost hope in finding that illusionary mythic love I used to dream of, all I hope for now is to find someone suitable(many words contained here) to accept me & to care for me

I discovered how ignorant & stupid I'm in love & relations & it disappointing me :)

My Financial section is the good part, I used to live by 650 sallary & to manage my life with it, now I got much more &that is helping me to buy more books ,attend more music concerts ,got new helpfull devices

I'm fine after all
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