Wednesday, February 18, 2009

reflection of an erection

Thats why I cann't marry a girl that is out of politics field, she would never understand why I'm so happy today

she would never understand what is so special & exciting about such a moment,

after losing hope of listening to him again i suddenly watch him talking in the same style like 4 years ago.. for nearly an hour

such a brilliant exciting feeling , i thnk no one would understand it unless (s)he lived it & feeled it before in writing good article or winning an election

its the same for me i cant understand why would any human being be happy for his team winning a football match!!

i just see my 40's bald me coming back home happy & jumbing to share such a special moment with my wife in a romantic way to find her unable to know or appretiate the occasion , & looking at me angerly for losing my time & money for nothing

actually may be ALONE is NOT the best , but being with the wrong person is the WORSE

I guess i'm nt going to make this mistake , actually even a girl from inside the politics field may not be more understandable for it

the truth is I'm ALIVE ,, ALONE & I'M LIVING WITH IT
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