Friday, February 20, 2009

Y/N Qs

Do You think you will go to Heaven after death?

Do you think Ayman Nour will ever be the egyptian president or prime minister?

Do you believe that a couple (m&f) of every creature on earth was all put together in a single boat oneday to save them ?

Did you ever wanted to sleep with (or even kiss) someone you are not allowed to think of? (u may answer this question in private messege, i dnt mind)

Did you choose your life style & events as it is now?

Do you agree that I may lose my mind anytime?

Do you think white people are better or smarter than black people?

Did you break someone heart before ?

Did you watch porno movies before?
-if Y , Did you enjoyed them ,
-if N , Do you want to?

Y or N are only allowed as answers for this questions si'l vous plaite
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