Friday, February 13, 2009

Weak points

1 of my major weak points is my continuous well 2 b free & independant ,, even if this put some restrictions on my life stream

ex: I must work as an engineer to provide my own money & nt to be under any political supervision by any1

the second & biggest weak point n my character is my endless need 4 love & careness -u may say "& who dnt?" , in my case this need 4 love is turn 2 b destructive & very painfull 4 me & others too

another weak point is that I never can face my problens ,, running away or hiding is my normal reaction when I face a problem (thats why I lose my friends instead of facing them when I have a problem wz them)

in brief ( I need love - I've my own theories about love - I'm weak & unstable & it prevents girls 4m loving me - I got sad & frustrated -I cant face my problems & escape instead - I LIVE A REPEATED NIGHTMARE
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