Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love is Not ..

After a limited personal experiences & very wide knowledge & observation I can say with clear heart & mind that Love is not that magical thing we(me) used to think of .. it has its own differences than what we used to think about

1-We are humans with limited life time & our feelings are not meant to live more than us ,, A Love that lives forever is just a wish ,, a wish cann't be true unless lover themselves lived forever

2-It was amazing for me to know how people hearts change , & how Love change with them

it was amazing yet painfull to see how many many things affect the feeling of love , sexual physical attraction ,social compatability , the characters & way of thinking & expressing of each side of the love relation

3-Love isn't magical , its just a relation between humans & just as the human themselves is subjected to change with time & development ,, love changes its form , shape , taste & conditions

Love is magical as the same as the humans creating it

Dnt expect to live an abnormal love story while you are just a normal human being ,, here the trick is : No one is convinced s/he is just an ordinary person
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