Friday, January 22, 2010

once upon a time

A little boy who didn't knw lot about z future or how life goes on , who thought that it was "love" the main Goddy power

he spent most of his youth time dreaming of his life time love story, never guessed anything but "good" wins in the end

then after years of doing nothing in certain he found himself in the face of life , finished studying ordinary nonsense with no special gift or a real career

he kept the high spirit for years moving from a job to another , gaining likeness & respect of lots of people but a great doubt & pain widen n his heart

"Good" isn't meant to win in the end
there is nothing called "the end"

life is a matter of continuous struggle & its streaming & end isn't about good or bad

he was hurt deep n heart several times while growing old alone , most of his love relations faint for lack of courage &confidence he suffered in the heart affairs because he never knew when to be kind & when to be tough, he had no money on him or a girl when he was in the end of days , not a lot of friends were there when he shivered for the last time holding a small gift once a girl sent it to him when he was her teacher ,
dying poor , alone , thinking for the last time that life isnt fair or bad , life is just what you think it is
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